The Best Ecommerce Sites of 2021

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2021 was, undoubtedly, the year of ecommerce.

We’re in the middle of a record $200 billion holiday season ecommerce spending spree, and ecommerce is forecast to be accounting for a whopping 19.5% of global retail sales by the end of this year.

And most recently we also had Shopify reporting more record numbers with a 21% YoY increase in sales on Black Friday. $2.9 billion in one single day!

With such exciting times and such explosive growth for ecommerce, we thought it was a great time to show you all some of our favourite ecommerce sites of 2021.

The sites on this list have been selected for many different reasons, which we’ll explain in more detail below.

But each of them brings something different to the table.

Cardrona Distillery

Why We Love It

This simple, beautiful design perfectly straddles that difficult boarder of modern design and clean, clear usability.

Subtle animation that grabs the eye and some unusual vertical/horizontal scrolling techniques are bang on trend for web development in 2021 and this website showcases them perfectly.

Luseta Beauty

Why We Love It

So many ways to shop!

Shop by hair style/need, ingredients or product category (shampoo, conditioner etc).

Not only is this awesome for users, it’s also a fantastic SEO strategy too, as it gives them nice landing pages for lots of different search types and intents.


Why We Love It

Check out that home page design.

Deep. Links. Everywhere!

Amazingly easy for users, and incredible for SEO.

Large brands like these guys hord so much authority in their home pages, and a deep linking strategy like this is a highly effective and efficient way to distribute that authority to key deep category pages and down to those all important product pages.

Also, check out the use of personalisation on the home page:

York Coffee Emporium

Why We Love It

There are so many reasons to love this epic ecommerce site.

From one of the best, most comprehensive browsing and navigation setups we’ve seen in this industry, to a powerful loyalty program.

Polders Old World Market

Why We Love It

The product imagery and videography on display here is some of the best we’ve seen, and an incredible way to showcase these unique products.

Their branding in general is awesome – it’s consistent and it connects. And they’ve done an excellent job at capturing and communicating the story behind it.

Beard Brand

Why We Love It

Well, just wouldn’t be an ecommerce roundup without a mention for beardbrand.

This ecommerce marketing powerhouse has been innovating their way to big profits for years.

They’ve developed a wealth of informational and educational content that act as both traffic and lead magnets, and have now even expanded and developed their own range of branded products. 

Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the amazing rankings they’ve been able to achieve with their epic content marketing efforts:

We could spend hours highlighting their digital marketing genius, but instead, we’ll let you go and take a dive around the site for yourselves.

Check out this interactive quiz slap bang on the home page that grabs users and instantly pulls them down the sales funnel.

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The Best Ecommerce Sites of 2021

2021 was, undoubtedly, the year of ecommerce. We’re in the middle of a record $200 billion holiday season ecommerce spending spree, and ecommerce is forecast

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